The Cross
The Cross of Jesus Christ is the most profound symbol in History. It signifies both the greatest tradgedy and the greatest victory since time began.

The tradgedy of the cross is that it ever had to be to begin with. The cross is a reminder of the cost of our wrongdoing as humans. Our mistakes and willful wrongs that have seperated up from a perfect and holy God. The wrongs that kept us from the very one that created us. It reminds us of our weakness as humans. Even on our best day, our inability to do right. Our tendencies to hurt others, hurt ourselves, and to hurt God. The culmination of all of these things in our lives brought about the need for the death of an inocent man. That man was Jesus, the Son of God. His death on the cross was to pay the penalty for every wrong ever done before. Just before he breathed his last, he said the words "it is finished" and the payment was finally made.

In the midst of this great tradgedy, there came about a triumph that even those who followed Jesus did not recognize when he died. Through his death, came the greatest victory that every was and ever will be. By walking in humble submission to his heavenly Father, Jesus went to the cross and died as a man who had walked the face of the earth in a perfect and sinless life. He died as a perfect sacrifice and the only one who could ultimately remove sin from the lives of those who would believe in him. Not only did his death on the cross pay for past sin, but it completely destroyed the power of sin in the lives of those who believe in him and in the work that he did. Through his death on the cross, we would now have the guilt and condemnation of our past sins washed away and would have God's power within us to do right and to overcome our daily tendencies towards selfish living. Instead of a fearful expectation of God's wrath and an eternity seperated from him by our sin, we can now experience the hope of a forgiven life and an eternity by God's side.

All this because of His work on The Cross.